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Website Status - 2019
Be sure to visit the Welcome Center for Starter Packs, Trainers, Heritage Potions, and Updates. Notecards for care of our horses and general information there too. Current Horse Version is 3.04.

Champion Horses

Welcome to the Wonderful World of the premier racehorse breedable in SecondLife. The first and best Racehorse in SecondLife.
These horses are unique and challenging for those who want to experience the closest thing possible to real horse racing in a virtual world. Whether you just want to breed them and enjoy the interactions with your horses, or have that competitive spirit and have always longed to be a jockey, hearing the thunder of hooves as you race endurance or jumping or speed or pulling - these horses are for you! Our community within SecondLife of like-minded horse lovers, makes this breedable not only fun, exciting, maybe inspiring, but also a nice place to fit in, to share and grow - a family.

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